Welcome to Soldier Props


     We specialize in historical war re-creating, specializing in World War Two, and dedicate all of our time and resources to recreating it as closely as possible. Soldier Props has much experience in working with professional and independent filmmakers (History Channel, Music Videos, Documentaries, Feature Films) and we can provide you with the historical accuracy, uniforms, props, and vehicles that you need for your production. Through Soldier Props, you have extensive access to authentic inventory of the 1940s including period-correct military uniforms, equipment, firearms, and vehicles. Please contact us for any inquiries or to request a list of available inventory.

Historical Advisors

     The members of our organization are well researched in military history and can aid your production's historical authenticity. We are available for consultation or on-set advising. Similarly, we are also able to provide a wardrobe advisor to make sure the uniforms worn by the principles and extras are done so correctly.

Contracting Agreement

     All production rentals must be paid for prior to picking up items. Our rental contract requires an additional down payment to protect against inventory damages as per the contract agreement. We can provide specialized extras and/or vehicles for your production. All re-enacting extras provide their own wardrobe (minus any special requests). Please contact us for any special requests and for availability.

     Notice: Please inquire for rental information. Prices and availability may fluctuate depending on time of year, S.A.G. requirements, etc... You will receive invoice before payment is required. Discounted rates are available by request for student productions. You will receive the highest quality service we have to offer.